Apartment & Condo

We have a couple of service options for you to begin composting with us...

Option #1 - Sign up as an individual

You will need to arrange with your building manager an accessible place where you can leave your pail for our drivers to collect it on your designated pick up day. Other clients who live in apartments often use their parking spot or a designated spot near waste/recycling bins.   

Option #2 - Sign up the whole building

Connect with your building management company to see if they are keen to offer composting for the whole building. The deposit is $100 for a 64 gallon bin. The rate for weekly pickups is $25. If more bins are required, it is an additional $100 deposit plus $20 per weekly pickup (Totaling $45 for 2 bins).

Please note that we are not able to service all neighbourhoods of Winnipeg.

Here is a map of the areas we serve at this time.