Commercial Services

Office Composting

Sign up for our office package and make composting at the workplace super easy. It includes high-quality step bins (hands-free!), an information session, posters and regular waste diversion reports. We pick waste up weekly and leave your bin clean and smelling fresh. 

Commercial Compost Collection

Increase tenant satisfaction and the sustainability of your operation by integrating an organic waste diversion system. Reduce waste by about 40% We'll help you figure out how to set a system up, train tenants and custodial staff, provide signage, compost collection bins and weekly pick-ups.

Commercial On-Site Compost Management

If your commercial building has some space, consider managing your organic waste on-site. It's the best option for both environmental and economic considerations and you get the finished product, a rich natural fertilizer. Systems range from the tried and true three bin wooden set-up to recent developments in more complex in-vessel compost systems. We'll walk you through choosing the best system for your needs and help you get up and running. 

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