2017 International Compost Awareness Week Contest

Win a Backyard Compost Kit!
Love composting at work? Why not try it at home!

In celebration of International Compost Awareness Week, we are giving away a backyard compost kit. Please fill out the form below and be entered to win!

Prize includes:

1 Earth Machine Backyard Composter (donated by Manitoba Sustainable Development)

1 Compost Turner

1 Kitchen Catcher Bucket

1 Green Action Compost Information Guide

Entries must be in by midnight May 17, 2017.


Compost Winnipeg is a mid-scale composting service that caters to offices, multi-family residential buildings, on-site composters, small restaurants and cafes. We are a social enterprise of Green Action Centre, aiming to achieve a triple bottom line that is socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable.  We love compost!

Compost Winnipeg is a social enterprise of Green Action Centre

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For information about backyard composting, vermi-composting, school and community composting please visit  Green Action Centre's composting page