Residential Services

Home Compost Pick-up

$25 per month + $12.50 Starter Kit

Compost Winnipeg recently launched a home compost pick-up initiative! Composting has never been easier. 

Starter package includes:

  • One 5 gallon compost collection bucket with air-tight lid

  • Compostable bucket liner

  • Simple instructions

  • List of compostable items

Weekly Service Includes

  • Collection and composting of organic waste

  • Bucket cleaning (optional)

  • Waste tracking 


  • Reduce waste sent to the landfill by about 40%

  • Reduce greenhouse gases and the other harmful effects of landfilling waste

  • Support the local economy and an environmental non-profit

  • Make your trash can lighter, dryer and cleaner!

  • It's even easier than taking the trash out.

Is your neighbourhood not listed? Contact Us to be added to our waiting list.

Apartment and Condominium Compost Collection

Apartment and Condo living present many challenges for backyard composting. Make it really simple by signing up for compost collection with us. We can work with a few units or the entire building.

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$25/month (automatic renewal)

3 Months

3 months for $75

6 Months

$150 for 6 months

+ 2 bonus weeks

12 Months

*Temporarily Unavailable*

We are wait to learn more about the

City of Wpg compost pilot program.

**$12.50 Starter kit must be purchased with all packages**

**Premium Service

(we wash your bucket!)

Additional $5 per month**

Current Home Pick-up Packages

Compost Winnipeg is a mid-scale composting service that caters to offices, multi-family residential buildings, on-site composters, small restaurants and cafes. We are a social enterprise of Green Action Centre, aiming to achieve a triple bottom line that is socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable.  We love compost!

Compost Winnipeg is a social enterprise of Green Action Centre

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For information about backyard composting, vermi-composting, school and community composting please visit  Green Action Centre's composting page