Biosolids Composting at Brady Road

Biosolids mixing area

Composting gurus Mario (City of Winnipeg) Scott (CH2MHill)
Aerated bunker for composting. Everyone's looking at the vents imbedded in the compost pad!

Holy biosolids Winnipeg! On day 2 of Compost operator training we got a tour of the City of Winnipeg's Brady Road compost operation. It is a really impressive and well managed operation. Currently dedicated to leaf and yard waste and biosolids, the City is planning on expanding to include food waste sometime... soon... (I hope!). Above pictures are from the biosolids (dewatered solids from sewage and wastewater treatment) composting area. It sounds like it might be gross but it really isn't - hardly even a smell. The high quality compost produced is used as landfill cover.

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